Established in 1996, was formerly known among the dermatologists as Shady Pharmaceiea, adapted a new image and became Shady Cosmetique Laboratory by bringing in innovative technology while maintaining the quality of their offerings.

Shady Cosmetique Laboratory is the product of a licensed pharmacist named Shady Ong, whose years of hard work and expertise in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics have created one of the most admired cosmetic pharmaceutical companies in the dermatology world today.

Nowadays, Shady Cosmetique Laboratory caters to dermatology clinics, spa owners, pharmacies, and individual sellers. It distributes quality skin care products from generic, topical medicated drugs for dermatologist and makes cosmetics creams, lotions and solutions for facial salons and aestheticians. It has remained steadfast and strong, creating quality skin products that have been recognized both by dermatology experts and aestheticians as truly world-class.

Shady Cosmetique Laboratory is a duly licensed drugs and cosmetics manufacturer under the Bureau of Food and Drugs of the Philippines.




Our mission is to provide quality skin care products that really care. As the demand for Shady Cosmetique Laboratory products increase, the company also grows. We would like to share this growth by giving people opportunities for a livelihood through our company.

We have a vision of a world filled with self-sufficient, confident people because of their healthy and flawless skin and a good livelihood.

Shady Ong studied abroad to master the fundamentals of the art of skin care. Instead of being employed to a well-known cosmetic company, she decided to establish her own business. She had this objective: to deliver the proper way of caring for the skin by using the appropriate skins care products through prevention while giving opportunities for livelihood.


  • reginaimgHi, my name is REGINA PIERCE PRYOR 48, I’ve been in shady cosmetic for about eight years. I first tested the product FACE BLEACING SET. I found it good because after 2 weeks of using it, there are already noticeable changes in my skin.  After I had proven the effectiveness of the product, I sold it to our client in the spa that I used to work. Then after that, I tried using their Rejuvenating Set. It really made my skin young looking. I was really happy with the results. When my clients noticed the changes on my skin they became interested on using the products too.

    I was able to put up my own business a few years later. I attended an informative seminar conducted by Mrs. Shady Ong. She shared us knowledge about our skin and what proper products should be used. I was really amused when I also learned about special compounding of product. Now, my Clients and I look younger than our age, I also got my clients trust because they also proven it to themselves that Shady Products are really effective.
    Regina Pierce Pryor
  • dayalinI’m DAYALIN ABUNAL, 42 years of age and I’ve been using Shady Products for several years since a friend introduced it to me. Their product is very effective against melasma which I have on my face due to prolonged exposure to sunlight. After several years of going to my kids swimming competitions. I noticed a dark spot on my cheeks and I found out it’s melasma. I started using the melasma cream for just two weeks, and noticed my melasma started to disappear. My face became lighter and as I learned more about the other products of shady, I started using it all over my body. My friends noticed the changes in my skin and they too started using it. I still continue
    Dayalin Abunal, House wife